Tourism in Mexico: a million of possibilities

Having to move to Mexico for work is not a problem to enjoy Mexico DF and the country´s wonderful beaches. We want to share some advice in case you have spare time.

Mexico is a country that al­lows you to enjoy both its capital and its wonderful coastline. If you have a weekend, we suggest you visit Playa del Carmen to experience a relaxing time while enjoying spectacular beaches. The Riviera Nayarit is another option. It is a tourist area along 300 kilometres on the Pacific coast.

If you would like to visit some cit­ies in the interior of the country, we suggest travelling to Tijuana, famous for its festivals.

In addition, for the day to day work, we give you some alternatives for you to fall in love with Mexico DF.


Palacio de Correos: This is one of the most important historic buildings of the city.
Plaza de la Santa Veracruz: this Square is located near the Alameda and the historic centre. Although it is small, the Plaza de la Santa Veracruz is notable for its colours and construction.
Iglesia de los indios: It is an ancient temple which, according to the tradition, was the home of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The restaurant El Cardenal is well known in Mexico DF. This is a typical loca­tion where you can eat different insects such as grasshoppers and other insects of the Mexican lands.
Restaurant San Ángel Inn. Besides tasting its delicious food, you’ll enjoy its wonderful courtyard.

Nightlife at Roma Norte and Con­desa: It is a hipster area known for the numerous restaurants.
Six Flags México: Six Flags México has become one of the most important theme parks in Mexico and one of the largest in Latin America. It has attractions that will make your body be full of adrenaline.
San Ángel. Perfect area for lunch or dinner. A craft market is celebrated on Saturdays.

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