Traction platform for Multi-Voltage special Vehicles, Based on INGETRAC Low Power


INGETEAM has developed a traction system platform for multi –voltage special vehicles, which is based on its standardized low power basic power modules. This new approach will cover the new requirements of the vehicle´s manufacturers. The new traction concept  assumptions are that the vehicles will require different primary energy sources (AC&DC catenary, Diesel and battery), the fulfillment of market standards(TSI, noise, fire, EMC…) and the reduced dimensions to allow more space for the tools needed ( laboratory, maintenance, rescue..)

The traction system has been designed from an INGETRAC Low Power traction converter configuration, and has been already proved in diagnostic  vehicles in Europe.

Main Characteristics:

AFE & Inverter Topology: 2-Level

Max. Power : 2* 550 kW

Cooling: Liquid