Transformation project of the propulsion systems of 12 Madrid Metro units

Sistemas de propulsion-MetroMadrid_Bombardier
Sistemas de propulsion-MetroMadrid_Bombardier

Trapaga’s factory will transform the propulsion systems of 12 madrid metro units.

Madrid Metro has requested a project to transform 12 train units S3000 monotension (1500V) to bitension (1500V / 600V). The target of this project is to get more operation flexibility, so these units could be in operation on Line 5. This is done in parallel to infrastructure modernization executed in this line.

For that purpose, Bombardier will be the company responsible for the modification of the traction inverter, as well as the disconnector-circuit breaker box, including its transfers to both the Bombardier Trapaga’s Factory and Madrid Metro site, to proceed with its final installation. The Bombardier MITRAC propulsion system will provide more flexibility in operation, as the metros can be used on different lines.

In addition, the Canadian company will also be responsible for the development of the new train software, as well as the supply of the bitension charging box and the filter reactance box, defining together with Madrid Metro the new stress curves for Line 5.

The contract has been get due to Madrid Metro reliance in Bombardier know-how and technology, in addition to the performance of the vehicle manufacturer consortium (CAF-BT-Siemens), which repeats the same agreement formula for the development of this new order.

Bombardier will also be responsible, together with Siemens, of the modification of the traction system elements, as well as to prepare the technical documentation of this system.

First unit should be ready by end of 2017 and the rest during 2018.