Transparent technology in communication with travelers


The railway industry relies on conventional devices for content of interest and utility for the user. In response to the need to innovate this conventional content emission systems in transportation, Screensor Tech develops innovative solutions to improve the emission of informative and advertising content in transportation, while improving the user experience.

Screensor’s proposal is based on the integration of transparent displays in previously unused spaces. This is achieved thanks to T-OLED technology, which allows the screens to become transparent so that advertising and informative content can be integrated naturally without obstructing the view behind them. Users can see through the screen while at the same time seeing the content that is being displayed on it.

This technology makes Screensor an innovative and functional solution for railway transportation and other environments where integration and aesthetics are important.
Screensor offers solutions for vehicle interiors, where transparent screens are integrated into windows, turning them into real-time digital screens. This unique technology allows the screen surface to have clarity like conventional glass, resulting in an ideal solution for subway, train, bus, and airport interiors.

In addition, it offers offboard solutions that allow the installation of these displays in locations where it is not possible with conventional content emission systems. For example, platform doors, glass walls, and other areas of stations and their surroundings. This digital signage system, designed with the latest display technology, are thin, lightweight, and designed to withstand harsh environments with minimal maintenance.

Screensor is revolutionizing the way users interact with information in public and private transportation. Its innovative solutions are presented as an alternative to improve content supports in railway transportation, integrating them into the environment and improving the user experience.