UNIFE celebrates its General Assembly in Bucharest

The general assembly of the Association of the European Rail Industry was held during june 17- 19 in bucharest.

Another year, UNIFE, the As­sociation of the European Rail Industry, held its Ge­neral Assembly held in Bucharest, Romania, from the 17th to the 19th of June.
Throughout the three days, repre­sentatives of European associations and companies had the opportu­nity to participate in various panel discussions with leading members of the Directorate General for Mo­bility and Transport (DG MOVE), the Regional Policy (DG Regio) and the Industry and Entrepreneurship (DG GROWTH), among others.

The topics discussed were those that most affect the railway sector, including investment plans of the European Union (Juncker Plan, PPPs and other European funds), ERTMS developments or Community Trans­port Policy (Fourth Railway Packa­ge, the review of the White Paper on Transport, etc.).

MAFEX, as a member of the Eu­ropean Association, participated throughout this year in meetings of the Committee of National Associa­tions and the Committee on Trade and International Affairs, where vital issues not only in Europe but globally are treated, such as trade negotiations of the EU with third countries to encourage the presen­ce of the European railway industry in those markets where penetration is more difficult.