UNITED STATES, options for all tastes

Arts, shopping, going to the beach or enjoying the shows. We give you some facts.

Tranquillity or hustle, what are you up for? We give you the keys to enjoy the United States depending on where you are.

New York. You can see a musi­cal on Broadway, spend a night in Times Square, walking on Brook­lyn Bridge, enjoy a shopping after­noon on the Fifth Avenue, attend a Mass Gospel or feel a broker on Wall Street.

Los Angeles. One of the neigh­bourhoods, Hollywood, is char­acterized by luxury and moments of immense fame, besides being the area with most famous movie stars. The Oceanfront Walk is an ideal place to sit and watch peo­ple go by.

San Francisco. Make the most of the Golden Gate Park, ideal for walks, with its pleasant beaches and views of the iconic bridge.

Miami. In South Beach you will see the Art Deco lifeguards and at night, bright neon lights in red, green, blue and pink tones trans­form the Ocean Drive in a chic, modern setting.

Orlando. It is the perfect place to escape thanks to the Universal and Disney World theme parks. The centre of the city discovers an in­teresting mix of architecture rang­ing from Victorian houses to apart­ment towers.

Las Vegas. Lights, casinos, water jets, lasers … the city will blow you away!

Washington. Here are the head­quarters of the most important museums in the country (Museum of Air and Space, National Art Gal­lery). The downtown has extensive and natural green spaces. Walk around Roosevelt Island, the Na­tional Mall (National Mall) or Gar­den of America.

Chicago. Each of its 70 districts ex­hibits a personality. Lake Michigan is also an option if you like shop­ping.

Boston. Its parks are a good way to see the city: Boston Common, with frog pond or public garden.