Universal Design solutions to meet the needs of all passengers


Alstom Group and Fundación ONCE are working together on the development of innovations for the design and manufacture of the next generation of Alstom metros.  After having collaborated on several projects in Spain, such as Barcelona Metro for TMB or High-Capacity trains for Renfe, Fundación ONCE now becomes a strategic partner of the Alstom Group worldwide.

Fundación Once will collaborate directly with the Metro and Suburban Platform at global level, actively participating in different innovation workshops, being part of the advisory committee on inclusion, and evaluating innovations proposed from the different platforms within Alstom.

Paloma Morán, Vice President of Alstom’s Metro and Suburban Platform said: “We have a huge responsibility towards the 30 million passengers who travel every day in a metro manufactured by Alstom. We must make their mobility simple, fluid, barrier-free, inclusive, and universal. Thanks to this agreement with Fundación ONCE, we are taking an important step-forward in our commitment to inclusive mobility. We all, at some point in our lives, experience some kind of disability, whether temporary or permanent. Consequently, our solutions must be born from the origin with Universal Design criteria to respond to all passengers”.

José Luis Martínez Donoso, CEO of Fundación ONCE, said, “The shared mission we share with Alstom has just begun. We are united by our common commitment and passion: helping more people every day to move around in comfortable, safe, and reliable environments. We are embarking on this new path full of enthusiasm and with the certainty that this partnership will mark a before and after in the way we understand urban transport”.