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Urban railway transport: a firm commitment in Canada and the world

por Patricia
Transporte urbano ferroviario

Dear friends,

The commitment to the railway as a sustainable, efficient and high capacity urban transport means is one of the priority objectives of many countries, including Canada.

The tramway, light rail and commuter networks are among the federal and regional investment projects, as reflected in the section Infrastructure Plans, such as the “New Building Canada Plan”. Details of the great breakthrough regarding this communication means in Canada, a priority market for the Spanish pioneering railway industry, can be found in the Section “In Depth”.

Issue 11 of Mafex’s magazine also includes an article on Iran’s railway sector. This transport means plays a very important role among the “Priority Investment Projects” of the “Sixth Five-Year Plan 2016-2021” approved by the Iranian Government. It aims to enhance the geostrategic location of the country as a transit route, making Iran a reference logistics center and promoting a better integration. Added to that is the information on the projects carried out by Spanish companies in the region, a strategic area where the presence of these companies has experienced a strong growth in recent years.

The Section “Mafex Reports” includes the latest activities of the Association, such as the survey mission to Egypt and Kuwait, the trade delegation to Argentina and Uruguay and the participation

in the Middle East Rail Trade Fair from Dubai. An extensive agenda that will continue this month with the participation in the UITP international public transport exhibition in Canada and in the Expo Rail Trade Fair from Iran. This section also summarizes the Association’s General Assembly in 2017, which analyzed the profits of the last year activities, as well as the progress of the different working committees. In addition, the Association’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 was presented and approved. A document intended to serve as a guide to establish the action lines for the achievement of the representation, external promotion and competitiveness improvement objectives of the industry.

It also reports on the latest contracts and innovations of 13 associated companies, as well as seven new technological advances. All these, in the Sections “News about partners” and “Innovation”, respectively.

A special mention deserves the interview granted by the current President of Renfe, Juan Alfaro Grande, to Mafex’s Magazine. It analyzes the Company’s main challenges and the objectives on medium term, as well as the future plans.

Once again we hope to provide a varied content, with information of your interest and bring you closer to the varied news of a thriving railway sector.

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