User prototyping experience Workshop organized by Mafex

On 26th February, Mafex organised a workshop on User Prototyping Experience in collaboration with Altran, in which 6 partner companies took part.

The purpose of the session was to learn, through a practical approach, about the importance of the user experience when designing a product. To this end, it is necessary to understand what the principles are to develop a good experience, to make it attractive and functional, as it is from the creation of different types of prototyping.

The session explained of the means required to identify the customer focus segments, the value proposition, as well as the extraction and validation of hypotheses through feedback as they guarantee the success of the result during the phases of creation and launch of a product.

Mafex organises such initiatives to promote an innovative culture in companies, as a key factor to improve competitiveness and considering innovation as an essential pillar in the evolution of the railway sector and its industry.