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VARNA (Vibration Analysis for Railway Network Assessment): software for the study of vibrations in rail lines

por Patricia

VARNA (Vibration Analysis for Railway Network Assessment) is a specialized software, fully developed by the IDOM’s rail team of I+D+i, for the study of vibrations in rail lines of all types, from High Speed or Conventional Railway Lines to Metro Lines.

This software allows us to characterize and forecast accurately the impact generated by a railway infrastructure on the closer buildings, taking into account all of the constraints due to the status of the track and maintenance conditions, type of rolling stock, type of track, type of infrastructure section, characteristics of the soil and the type of building which suffer such condition.

The main innovations given by this software over the current models of calculation of vibrations are:

  1. The possibility of including in the analysis the quality status of the track due to the number of years of operation and maintenance conditions;
  2. The advanced modeling of the structural behavior of the track and its interaction with the rolling stock, which have increased significantly the accuracy of the results, reducing the error between calculation and field measures;
  3. It has allowed the assessment of special solutions which were difficult to analyze by traditional methods, providing to the technical team the ability to test the effectiveness of the vibration mitigation measures on the market and those on the research field;
  4. The application of optimized algorithms , reducing the time of analysis, and making possible to analyze the whole infrastructure in a short time.

After two years of development, the implementation of this tool has enabled us to achieve a more agile and detailed analysis of the vibrations produced in the railway infrastructure projects; as well as the optimum mitigation solutions for each specific case.


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