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Víctor Ruíz Piñeiro, President of Mafex

por Patricia

Mafex 15th Anniversary

Dear Partners and Friends,

Since 2006, I have had the honour of chairing Mafex, an association that was ahead of its time and was able to meet the internationalisation needs of Spanish companies. I would like to highlight the fact that our association, which currently boasts 86 companies, accounts for 75% of our country’s rail exports.

We have on-hand powerful tools: the active participation of our partners, the steering committee, the communication committee, the internationalisation committee, the innovation committee and the Hyperloop observatory. Likewise, the acknowledgment of our regional, national and international administrations to which we thank for all their support during these year.

With verve and enthusiasm, our shared project came into being 15 years ago.

Without overlooking the strategic axis of internationalisation, many other wishes have also been included, thus adding and improving on approaches and focus, so that what we have today has been accomplished: The Spanish Railway Association. Each step has been a victory on our path, thanks to the efforts of everyone involved.

Of course, our ambition and drive does not stop here, we are developing major scale new projects, always thinking about what are our partners and companies may need: greater representation, more scope of influence, thus becoming a breeding ground for ideas and development, contributing to our sector and Spanish companies spearheading in industrial and research terms on a worldwide level.

Mafex has been able to position itself at the fore as a benchmark for national and international administrations, thanks to its good endeavours, collaboration and continuing exchange of knowledge and information.

I am sure that within another 15 years, on our 30th birthday, we shall once again look back and the see equally spectacular progress like that achieved in our first 15 years.

I wish you all my very best, especially MAFEX’s workers, without whom none of this adventure would have been possible.

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