voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ and the new urban mobility

In today’s world, urban mobility takes on a great role, given that it is one of the factors involved in the fight against climate change. A sustainable and ecological mobility in our big cities is a competitiveness and changing factor towards low CO2 emission means of transport.

voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ is the global solution company in the field of points & crossings both for urban mobility and for other means of rail transport, such as high-speed, mixed traffic, as well as heavy axle-load railways.

Within urban mobility, voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ has been a provider of solutions in all the subways and trams in Spain as in a multitude of urban systems in Latin America and Europe. As a global solutions provider, voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ supplies points & crossings with their signalling and monitoring systems as well as an exhaustive installation and commissioning service.

Urban mobility is evolving, and in recent decades, railway systems with pneumatic drive wheels have become more and more popular. These systems had their origin in the Paris Metro, and nowadays, many European, American and Asian cities enjoy its advantages. Among its characteristics, we can mention a double security system given by the system of rail wheels in charge of guiding, the possibility of overcoming large slopes, great acceleration and braking capacity, which is important in case of stations close to each other, and a great ride comfort.

voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ has the necessary technology to provide complete solutions to these urban mobility systems on pneumatic wheels.

voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ is currently supplying complete points & crossings for the pneumatic wheel metro in Lyon (France) on its extension to the southern hospital. The Paris metro (RATP) also has components for this type of turnouts manufactured by voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ, as well as the Santiago de Chile, Mexico and Montreal metros.