“We have strategic railway projects put into motion”

Germán Bussi, Planning Manager of the Secretariat of Transport Planning of Argentina

Mafex: Argentina’s Ministry of Transport is newly established. What are the objectives in the railway field?

Germán Bussi: We work to socialize and implement strategic transport programs, in general, and railway programs, in particular. Highlights include the modernization, enhancement and interconnection of the metropolitan railway system in Buenos Aires known as the “RER Project”. In total, it has a budget amounting to 14,000 million dollars (€ 12,000 M).

Mafex: How has this large investment been planned?

G.B.: Of this amount, 2,500 million US dollars (€ 2,400 M) is allocated for tunnels, stations for the interconnection of railway systems. Another 1,500 (€ 1,200 M) will be allocated for the tunneling of the Sarmiento Line. There is an item of about 500 million dollars (€ 429 M) for railway viaducts and another 500 million (€ 429 M) for different isolated level crossings, a work that was already being carried out.

Mafex: What other actions does this great project entail?

G.B.: This project also involves the electrification of some lines, such as the San Martín, Belgrano Sur and Belgrano Norte railways, as well as the re-electrification of the Mintra railway, with a third lane. All this, with a standard of electrification with catenary of 25 Kv. It will also join the Northern and Southern broad gauge network. All this, with an interoperable system of the six existing lines. The idea is to strengthen the railway’s role as the backbone of the longest movements in the region, with 15 million inhabitants. Also under the vision of a sustainable transport model. To this end, BID provides its support with the maximum guarantees of transparency in all bidding processes.