Working at Adif and Adif AV, the companies that look towards the future

Working at Adif and Adif-AV is much more than working at one of the leading companies in Spain, it is to be part of an ambitious transformational project that is already changing our country.

 Adif and Adif AV play a leading role as the driving force of the railway sector. Our mission is to make railways the preferred means of transport par excellence for citizens and to facilitate access to the infrastructure for train operating companies under equal conditions. We build, maintain and manage infrastructures to achieve a safe, efficient, environmentally sustainable system with high quality standards. That is our commitment: to think about today, and anticipate what we want tomorrow to be like.

The SDGs guide our management.

Our work is aligned with the Agenda for Change that guides the action of the Government of Spain, which assumes the reforms contemplated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations. Structural reforms that we have assumed as our own in each one of our projects, activities, actions and objectives:

  • Focus on training and human capital
  • Promote the ecological transition
  • Promote scientific and technological progress
  • Move towards an efficient and fair labor market
  • Reduce inequality and protect the welfare state.
  • Progress towards a more efficient administration at the service of citizens.

 Time to join the Adif and Adif AV project.

Transferring these important challenges from paper to reality requires the best professionals.

Our response is undoubtedly the most ambitious initiative carried out by the entity throughout its entire history in the field of human resources: the Generational Relay Plan 2030. In the coming years, a new generation of railway workers will rejuvenate Adif and Adif AV staff and will provide both entities with the necessary profiles to meet the strategy, objectives and important challenges we will have to face in the short and medium term. The Multi-annual Employment Plan 2021-2025, the first phase of this challenge, includes an offer of almost 6,200 job vacancies.

This is perhaps, a unique moment to join a company that has great potential for those who are looking for proven professional development; with the possibility of taking on more and more responsibilities and with real options for personal and professional growth.

Retaining Talent.

In Adif and Adif AV we are aware of the importance of attracting talent, but much more so, the challenge of retaining it. Therefore, we work intensively on the concept of “emotional salary”, offering continuous opportunities for professional development within the company through training, assumption of greater responsibilities during performance in the company, taking part in cutting-edge projects at national and international level and incorporating incentive formulas that value the commitment and results of the work of its professionals. (measures that favor conciliation, with flexible schedules and the possibility of teleworking, a broad portfolio of social benefits, participation in preventive medical campaigns, accident and life insurance, including a flexible compensation plan, as well as advantages and offers on hundreds of products and services offered by commercial companies of all kinds).

In short, we are working to make Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad the companies that the railway of the future needs and, in ultimately, that our citizens demand. We have set ourselves the challenge of turning them into inclusive organizations and a showcase for the diversity we find in our society, because the more we resemble it, the greater our chances of responding effectively and efficiently to their demands for mobility and public service.