Nordic countries: mixture of arte and nature

Excursions through the national parks covering a big part of the Nordic countries are inescapable, such as Karhunkierros in north-eastern Finland, Jotunheimen in Norway, Abisko, in the Arctic Circle in Sweden or the route from Porsmork to Landmannalaugar in Iceland.
Another must stop is the Norwegian fjords: Nærøyfjorden (part of Sognefjorden), Lysefjord and Geirangerfjord, the king of all of them, are probably the most beautiful corners of Scandinavia.

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, has one of the largest art collections in the world, so you should not leave without seeing it.

Another possible visit are the Lofoten Islands in Norway, known for the fishing villages that you can visit biking. In Norway, don’t forget to visit beautiful Svalbard.

The old town of Tallin, from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, protected by Unesco and full of alleys, courtyards and cosy bars and cafés to stop on this busy trip.

As for gastronomy, you should certainly try the new Nordic cuisine, as served in many restaurants in Copenhagen that have modernized the Scandinavian cuisine and are now on trend. Now, all the capitals of the area have great restaurants.

Skagen, Denmark, a breathtaking location on the northern tip of Jutland, where the
Baltic meets the North Sea. You can also visit the bodies of peat bogs: millenary bodies exhumed from Danish peat bogs amazingly preserved. Quite a mystery worthy of a murder novel.

Going out: Reykjavik, Helsinki or Stockholm have short summers and long and very cold winters, so they have developed an almost legendary nightlife.

And be sure to discover the historical cities of wood. Rauna, Bergen and Gothenburg preserve great cities with neighbourhoods in perfect conditions for walking.