Cetest, reference test centre for wagon and special machinerie homologation

CETES-Matisa Renewal
CETES-Matisa Renewal

CETEST is involved in the performance of homologation tests for some of most relevant wagon and special machinery manufacturers.

Currently, CETEST is carrying out the complete test campaign for a Swedish manufacturer KIRUNA’s new wagon, developed in an European R&D project with FGC, between others. This campaign includes carbody structural test, safety against derailment, bogie strain gauge tests, noise and brake performance.

Likewise, CETEST has recently completed the dynamic tests for one AREVA wagon, for Indo-French manufacturer TITAGARH WAGONS AFR. These tests were performed according to complete method of standard EN 14363, using 5 instrumented wheelsets, a CETEST’ s proprietary technology.

The special machinery manufacturer MATISA also relies on CETEST, who has been awarded, after several previous collaborations, to accomplish the dynamic test campaign for validation in Finland of a maintenance machine, owned by manufacturer SPENO.