Mafex advances its strategy to boost the railway sector

Dear Friends,

We are moving towards the middle of 2019 with an intense working agenda that is proving particularly fruitful. In this issue we bring you the latest news, along with the numerous activities being carried out to foster the railway sector.

In Mafex Informa, a comprehensive summary of the highlights of the second edition of Rail Live! which has gone far beyond all expectations is offered. The data reflects the great reception that this professional appointment has had, which has attracted more than 3,000 visitors. Furthermore, participation has increased both in the congress, with 230 speakers from more than 80 countries, as well as in the exhibition area which reached 1,825 square metres, boasting the participation of 176 companies. Once its doors finally closed, tasks were already being performed on the forthcoming edition in 2020, which this time will be held in Madrid.

In this section we also inform you that the association continues with its path of growth with the incorporation of four new partners. From here we give you our warmest welcome and we hope to share with you all the activities and services that are available to all of you.

It should also be noted that Mafex has just signed two important agreements with Renfe Operadora and Metrotenerife to promote and back the internationalisation of the Spanish rail sector, as well as to support and encourage collaboration in terms of innovation and competitive improvement.

Regarding actions to boost innovation, a new technological mission has been carried out to the Nordic countries to learn about the challenges and priorities in the field of R&D, as well as to analyse new opportunities for collaboration in this field. The mission entailed a complete agenda of meetings with the main stakeholders of the transport sector in Sweden and Norway.

Also, in these pages you can learn more about a new initiative in the association: MAFEX Awards-International Railway Awards. These awards aim to highlight and publicly acknowledge the contribution or input of a national / international company, body or personality of the railway sector.

“Partner news” includes the latest development on 23 companies, while Colombia is the protagonist of the “Destination” section. The country is immersed in the reactivation of its infrastructure plans to turn this means of transport into a growth engine.

The “In-Depth” section is dedicated to analysing the imminent rail passenger de-regulation process and all the changes involved in opening this market to competition.

Finally, in “Innovation”, 12 Mafex partners explain the latest technological innovations they have developed in the railway field.

To the foregoing, an extensive report on the advances made by the sector as a whole in terms of sustainability with the aim of contributing to a means of transport that is more respectful of the environment must also be added.

Once again we hope that the wide content of the Mafex Magazine will be useful to know the current affairs of the sector, investments and trends, alongside the main topics of general interest.