Vossloh Spain – Delivering market-specific solutions

As a manufacturer of high-duty diesel locomotives, Vossloh España is repeatedly coming up with new types of machines destined to address specific market requirements. The market-specific diesel locomotive UKLIGHT will run soon on UK´s network. It is remarkable for its versatility and low axle loads combined with 2800kW power. Depending on the infrastructure, the EURODUAL uses either its onboard diesel engine or power drawn from the overhead wires. It is also equipped with braking energy recovery systems, a both cost-saving and environment-friendly feature. First dual-mode locomotives orders for South Africa and UK are under development.
Moreover, Vossloh España is delivering LRVs to the exigent German market: the Tramlink tram will start operations in Rostock in summer 2014 and the NET 2012 Citylink tram-train that will serve as a tram in downtown Karlsruhe as well as operating on regional services outside the city. All these new developments can be seen at Innotrans 2014.