Universal implementation of the catenary system

Network Rail, the owner and operator of most of the rail infrastructure in Great Britain, is improving the traction power capability of its lines by universally implement­ing a 25kV AC catenary system, either replacing the old third rail systems or electrifying the non-electrified sections.

This decision taken by Network Rail has important implications on existing infrastructure, especially infrastructure that is close to the line or restricts the clearance nec­essary to install the catenary, such as occurs with elevated structures crossing the tracks.

To minimize the impact on these structures, Network Rail awarded Idom with the contract to design a new system using insulating components and rigid catenary to resolve the problems with over­head structures.

The ultimate goal of the study is the development of an OCL solu­tion that reduces the clearance needs to the possible minimum value required, as well as reducing the number of existing over-track structures to be reconstructed.

Both the Idom offices in London and Barcelona participated in the design works.

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