CETEST has provided more than 30 instrumented wheelsets so far this year

The development of instrumented wheelsets is a growing activity within CETEST, that this year 2018 has beaten record with the instrumentation and calibration of more than 30 wheelsets for all types of vehicles.

Regarding EMUs, for example two wheelsets have been supplied to Kawasaki to test the LIRR EMU (NY), and another two wheelsets to Bombardier to test the double-deck M7 vehicle for the Belgium National Railways. Likewise, CETEST has provided instrumented wheelsets for the homologation of CAF projects in the United Kingdom: EMUs and DMUs for Northern Arriva and EMUs for Transpennine Express.

CETEST has also developed instrumented wheelsets for testing other type of vehicles such us Alstom´s electric locomotive in India, Boston tramway, high speed connection to the Oslo airport, (Flytoget), Metro Quito, maintenance machine for the swiss manufacturer Matisa, or a wagon for Greenbrier.

CETEST´s solution for instrumented wheelsets is being used around the world. Anywhere, Anytime.